Holly Moles with Wet Noses pet sitting has been great
experience for us! We met her in February after
interviewing several pet service agencies. We knew
immediately to use her services due to her great
personality and ability to interact with our three

 Two of our three dogs are in very poor medical health
(Angel has a heart condition and Honey is blind). Angel
is requiring 5 medications two times a day. We also
provided instruction to her concerning how to handle
various medical situations that might arise and she did
a great job of following up on their needs and sharing
issues that have developed with the dogs during her  

 She also has been able to come over to the house at
any time we have called her during an emergency and
always reachable and willing to help! She is very loving
with our pets and has done everything from baths,
pooper scooper, attention and love, feeding and
medications… We and our dogs highly recommend her!

Ramona Diddock, Michael Boroch, Honey, Lucky, and Angel
Angel, Lucky and Honey
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